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Product Manager

Salam Aleikom! I invite you to join me on a unique experience, destined to leave you intrigued! My name is Meryem, I was born and raised in the heart of the well-known city, Fes; Morocco's spiritual capital.

When people ask me what do we like about Morocco, I ask them back: which Morocco? There is a different Morocco for culture & art lovers, foodies, walkers, bikers, for you!

Let me help you discover which is the right Morocco for you.

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Operations Manager

Passioned by travelling since a very young age, my parents introduce me to rustic travel that shaped me into this serene person, born and raised between the imperial cities of the Kingdom, I discovered Morocco from different perspectives, all those beautiful villages and their breathtaking mountains, the sandy desert and the endless beaches but most of all the modesty and kindness of its tenants.

Now, it’s my turn to spread this Moroccan fiver around the world and make our guests mellow toward our unique experience.

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Founder & Owner

Native of the Highlands of Morocco and deeply passionate about my country, especially by its authentic culture and its natural resources, I like to promote my beautiful country and its human values.

My wish is to make you live your best trip. This is why all my choices of meetings, discoveries or accommodation are guided by this desire to transmit to you, through the Original Travels circuits, all the authenticity that a country can offer. 

During my stays I take the time, in each city, to visit hotels, lodges and homestays. I only select those who have a particular soul, those who combine comfort and authenticity. In the desire to offer responsible tourism, I always favor small structures on a human scale to large hotel complexes.

In addition to the essentials, I would like you to discover preserved places, little known to foreigners. During my reconnaissance trips I take the time to visit places off the beaten track to give you a different experience. The locals will welcome you as friends and will be happy to interact with visitors from around the world.

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Morocco DMC


Booking agent

I have always loved traveling since I was little. Over time I have traveled through several regions of my beautiful country and I fell in love with them. Unequaled biodiversity, a smiling and welcoming population and the varied landscapes of our kingdom inspired me to project myself into the field of tourism. Today I wish to make discover to all, the splendor of Morocco.

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Product Manager

I was born and raised here in the Atlas mountains, one of the places where we welcome travelers. 

Making trips was my way. Travel is for me the best way to open up to the world, to others. I am delighted to share this incomparable wealth of my dear country Morocco: between the national parks and the smile of children, the beautiful beaches and the typical dishes, not to mention the folk excursions, all travelers come back with nostalgia for Morocco, the kingdom of wonders.

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