Dress code

For men, there’s not too much special to consider when figuring out what to wear in Morocco. In a nutshell, my advice to you would be:

- Jeans and t-shirt are fine.

- Long shorts (sorry SoCal hipsters) and t-shirts are OK in hotter regions, but are sometimes shorts are viewed as underwear. Bring them, but follow local cues.

- Don’t dress like a bum / Aladdin / etc. It could either get you unwanted attention (of the “hey, hey, hashish?” variety) or you’ll just be laughed at.

For women, you will have to make sure you wear culturally appropriate clothing while traveling in Morocco. However, even though Morocco is predominantly Muslim, it’s more relaxed than some of its neighbors to the east, and most major tourist spots have gotten used to foreigners and their style. Still, be culturally respectful and:

- Cover your shoulders and leave the strappy tops at home.

- Cover your knees at least. In rural areas, full length is even better.

- You don’t need to cover your head, but bring a scarf for visiting mosques.

Loose fitting pants and tunics are fantastic for travel to Morocco, especially if you’re there in a hotter month (more on that later).

Morocco’s already pretty relaxed (compared to some other Muslim nations) when it comes to female tourists bearing skin, so don’t abuse it.

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