What to pack for Morocco

Aside from cultural considerations and the different activities you have planned in Morocco, you also need to pack clothes to cover you for a changeable climate. No matter what time of year, bring layers and prepare for both hot and cold weather at some point.

Even on a short visit to Morocco, you could go from breaking out a sweat in the markets of Marrakech to being very cold at night in the Atlas Mountains or the Sahara Desert. 

Layers will serve you well in any season and cover you for all situations. Also, think lightweight, breathable and loose. Aside from wanting clothes that are comfortable in the heat and easy to wash and dry, overly tight clothing can attract unwanted attention.

There are a few simple items both men and women will want to pack for Morocco.

A sun hat will be a must. You are in Africa after all.

Equally, a warm winter beanie if you are planning to visit the Atlas Mountains or the Sahara Desert. It gets very cold in the mornings and at night.

A hoodie or other warm, lightweight top will be necessary. We like a hoodie for the added warmth of the hood and the Smart Travel Hoodie because it has loads of Anti-Theft pockets for your valuables and it packs down small. Perfect for Morocco.

A lightweight travel scarf for both men and women. You will need one for keeping the sun at bay and the sand from your face in the Sahara. It is also handy for both men and women when visiting mosques and religious sites. Men wearing shorts will often be asked to cover up.

Pack a swimsuit. In addition to the many beach possibilities, many hotels and riads will have pools. We found the opportunity to cool off at the hotel pool at Ait Benhaddou very welcome after a full day sightseeing. You may also be able to have a dip at one of the hotel pools in the Sahara.

Unisex Travel Scarf

Unisex Sun Hat

Smart Travel Hoodie for Cold Nights

Warm Beanie Hat for Cold Nights.

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